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A house. by saganich A house. by saganich
- you can zoom in for as long as you're getting the "+" sign
- all dimensions are metric

So, kiddies, divljasvinja is about to give you little insight in what he does for living. Sit back, grab your popcorn and relax...and make sure your Schadenfreude sensors are turned on.

It was a dark and stormy night...
I hated her guts. I really did.
Regardless, I think I did one helluva job with her, considering the circumstances...

Why the hate? Quite simple - because they're privately funded apartments intended for sale, which, as in every such case means one thing only - squeeze out of the lot everything it gives and cram in there as many (pathetic) apartments as possible. And then some.

In this respective zone, there was no limitation regarding maximum achieved area in correlation to the lot (yay profit!), but just the usual ones - minimum distance of half the height from the southern property line (because the others border with public spaces - streets to N and E, a stream to the W), one parking space per apartment (within the lot, with their respective manipulation areas), one handicapped -adjusted apartment on every 10 apartments (with respective larger handicapped parking spaces) , and 20% of the lot left unused as a natural terrain.
And those are just the situational parameters, I wouldn't be of any use to even touch the rest.... such as structural spans, distances of 1,50m between openings belonging to separate units because fire regulations, and so on and on and on.., there you have it. 20 (pathetic) apartments in a not-so-pretty building. True, those on top 2 floors are quite sweet, but they happened simply because there wasn't any room left for even one more parking space, let alone I kinda went wild with those, heh!
...but if the building came to be, I'm sure they would illegally replicate the bottom floors above...

Why "would"?
Because it's not gonna happen. Our mayor's court urban planner decide to give that pathetic stream the importance of an avenue, with elevated promenade, bicycle track and a row of trees alongside all of it, so there came to be a revision the the respective zoning plan while this was in progress (must be like 20th one by now), and they kept it internal and did not yet publish 9.5 metres from the west property line (on which the building was practically sitting) is no longer ours to use...
Urban planners can be a sad bunch indeed. And their touch with reality is in many cases way out there... this was scrapped and has to be started again from scratch.
I don't effin' care any more, really.....but 2 weeks which took to design it are something I'd gladly get back.

I really don't know if any of you have an idea of how many different things, in how many separate dimensions and layers, and of how many regulations and restrictions must one simultaneously think when drawing every single line of this stuff...

Bah....once more unto the breach, and all that.
It'll be even uglier this time....
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February 21, 2012
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